I. Shipping policy
Nationwide delivery
For customers who live outside the province or request a delivery, we will deliver the express delivery to the customer.
Delivery with shipping charges from our warehouse to the vehicle branch as required by the buyer. The delivery fee will be paid directly to the order when you place the order.
II. Delivery time
Delivery time in the city city. Ho Chi Minh City from 3-48 hours from the time of order confirmation with customers.
Delivery time in provinces and cities will depend on each customer's address, order processing department will inform customers (average about 2 - 5 working days)
In case customers need to transport QUICK SPEEDS, please talk with sales staff who will advise you specifically.
For special cases, please contact hotline 0949305533
Note: At peak times (holidays, Tet), or depending on some objective conditions (such as natural disasters, vehicle damage, etc.), we cannot deliver immediately, so we will agree on a time specific delivery to you.

Thank you very much for your trust and use of our services!


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